Rescue Mumba, musicians urge Zambians

mumbaZAMBIA Association for Musicians (ZAM) says time has come for Zambia s to show unity and support for one another by saving the nominated Big Brother Amplified housemate Mumba who was on Monday evening put on the chopping list by Zimbabwe’s Vimbai to save her country mate Wendall.

ZAM president Maiko Zulu says Mumba has managed to sell the country by being in the Big Brother Amplified continental competition on DStv channel 198 that runs 24/7 for such a long time with exemplary behaviour and character.

Maiko says it is important that Zambians hold hands in order to see the country rise to glory through the two envoys that are still in the house this far.

Though the victory is largely and wrongly perceived as only for the winner, the truth is that the ultimate glory goes to the whole nation as its benefits come indirectly.

“This is the right time to show our unity as Zambians by not only voting but also sending more solidarity messages to the strap because it is not about Mumba or Kim alone, but for the great nation of Zambia. When these girls win, trust me every soul in Zambia will be awaken to celebrate the victory,” says Maiko.

Just when Vimbai announced that she had swapped her countrymate and love interest Wendall for Zambia’s calm and collected diva Mumba, our lines were choked with solidarity messages from across the country.

More interestingly again was the fact that another renowned musician Dandy Krazy had to personally come to the Times of Zambia offices to deliver his solidarity message as the Gerabo unit president.

The celebrated musician says he is a keen follower of the Big Brother Amplified completion with a special interest in the two Zambian contenders Mumba and Kim. He is impressed with the Zambian girls who have made it this far and still believes that both girls deserve to win.

On Mumba, Dandy says he is particularly impressed with the manner in which the nominated housemate has carried herself with a lot of maturity and high integrity. He says Zambians should continue voting to ensure that the Zambian girl is saved this Sunday.

“Mumba reminds me of Cherise and if she is emulating her character that is very good for her and for the country. Kim has her own style of playing the game as so far what I can say is that she is loved and will go far,” he says.

Here are some of the messages we have been receiving ever since the shocking swap was made.

Diana Phiri of Lusaka feels and writes, Mighty Mumba has made Zambia proud especially the women. As the evicted housemate Weza puts it, Mumba is cultured and also known for her respect for all housemates. She does not fall in petty traps of using her body to last in the house.

Zambia the ball is in our hands; let’s keep it by voting for her especially us women. Miss P was always picking of Mumba so that Africa loses confidence in her. Let’s prove the evicted Miss P wrong by voting for Mumba. Mumba you are safe and you will make it!

Walusungu from Lusaka writes; Zambia must appreciate Mumba and her countrymate Kim for coming this far. It is not easy and the only way we can pay them is by keeping voting for them and sending positive strap messages.

From Kitwe Gideon Kamponge writes; it’s only prudent that Mumba remains in the house. Zambia let’s unite and keep on voting for her.

Judy from Lusaka writes; I just want Mumba to stay because I love her so much. I will only do that by voting for her. I hope you are doing the same.

Oh! How I wished we would go on and on with your messages but we have to be conscious of space but keep on texting to have your say.

As the game nears its end, a lot has changed including character as people are trying hard to play the pleasant character.

One housemate who seems to have succeeded in playing on fellow housemate’s minds and Africa’s is South Africa’s Luclay. Ever since the two houses merged two weeks ago, Luclay who is known for his crazy loud and vulgar language, has for the past weeks been acting calm and has been absconding weekend parties with very little to drink of course.

He says he came to a realisation that partying and having too much to drink makes him do wrong things hence a self punishment to stay away from the weekend amplified parties.

But going strictly by the reason why the South African decided to have that drastic change in character, it goes beyond what meets the eye as the South African actor is really playing on the minds of Africa to suggest that acting like a good boy for just a short period of time can warrant one the prize.

Well, that is for Africa to determine. Are voters looking at people who have managed to sustain their true character and personality and continue to live their real lives like Mumba and Karen or those who pretend?

Africa must take a deep scrutiny of these individuals in the house before casting that important and life changing vote. The Game is getting more amplified with fear, suspense and tension continuing to rise among the contestants and the enthusiasts.

Make a decision today by voting for your favourite housemate.

This time we have a special question for you. What is your say on Mumba’s journey so far? Remember that only your vote can save her and make you a winner of a galaxy of Samsung products or even a PVR decoder.

Make that noise and have your voice heard by bringing out your opinions on the drama, relationships, intrigue and confrontations in the Big Brother Amplified House. Send an SMS at a normal rate to 0973 045260 by first typing BBA your names and place then your opinion. If we are not clear, we will call you back to have that chat. Or email that amplified opinion to s amphiri77@yahoo.com.

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