NIGERIA: How Cossy Orjiakor’s Big Boobs Almost Ruined My Marriage – Alice Okite

Cossy OrjiakorWhen you hear the name Cossy Orjiakor, what comes to your mind first – of course, it’s the certified bad girl with the big boobs and bossoms, right?

Well, a recent story was published on Tuesday that had to do with Cossy (and her boobs as usual) – the post generated loads of comments, but there was a remarkable one that may have caught your attention.

One of the reader posted a comment that referenced Cossy’s role in almost breaking up her marriage.


She claimed that her marriage was threatened “due to the huge size of Cossy Orjiakor’s chest and her husband’s inordinate obsession with the “agent of darkness” breasts.”

The comment was posted by one Alice Okite.
This lady again..a woman that nearly ruined my marriage..my husband became addicted to her b**bs and insisted I should enlarge my b**bs after putting birth to four children, including him that has been sucking the chest…he left home for a month just because I didn’t enlarge. thank God for my parents and pastors that talked sense into him. he is back to his senses. Cossy you are an agent of darkness.

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