Game of Thrones: Movie’s special effects editor killed by Lion in South Africa

Katherine Chappell, the special effects editor of award winning TV series, Game of Thrones, has been mauled to death by a lioness in South Africa.

According to reports, the 29-year old American was killed by a lioness at a South African safari during her visit to Africa, where she was raising money for a charitable organisation that protects animals from poachers.

Chappell was killed by the lioness as she took pictures during a drive through the popular Lion Park, near Johannesburg, on Monday afternoon, June 1, 2015.

In a report by Daily Mail Online, Chappell traveled to South Africa a week ago through London from Vancouver, Canada, where she had been living and working as a visual effects editor since 2013.

A video effects editor at Scanline – an award-winning production company with offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Germany- Chappell created graphic effects for HBO's hit series Game of Thrones and feature films Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Divergence.

Some of her other works include the Secret Life of Walter Mitty starring Ben Stiller and Noah, starring Oscar winner Russell Crowe. Chappell also was part of the team that won a Primetime Emmy for the 2014 Game of Thrones episode The Children.

Chappell, known to her friends as Kate, graduated from Hofstra University in Long Island in 2008 with a Bachelor's degree in film studies and production, and Japanese language. During the fall 2007 semester, she was named to the Dean’s List for earning a GPA of 3.4 or higher.

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