Nollywood: P-Square make female fans go berserk…

psquare12(Codewit) Twin megastars P-Square have just concluded a successful tour of the states & Canada, which saw them perform in Houston, LA, Minnesota, Oakland, Maryland, Toronto and New York. According to reports, tickets were sold out at each venue, and the Maryland show was almost cancelled due to it being filled to capacity!

As with any tour there will always be wild stories….

And the story goes that Peter the super dooper hot one – was swooped by girls in the crowd during a performance, they stripped him bare and tried to have sex with him right there and then! He was rescued by security but not before the girls made away with most of his clothing.

If the part about them wanting to have sex with him right there is true (which i SERIOUSLY doubt), did they think they could get away with it? I mean he IS hot!, and heaven knows in his presence i would get all flustered and shit…but how about doing what any self respecting groupie would…stalk the tour bus, and hope you get noticed!

On a brighter note, Peter goes on to describe the tour as being very successful; especially the group being approached by Drake to collaborate on a song. He goes on to say:

Aside the fact that all the shows were sold out, the passion shown by the fans, particularly the white girls, was incredible. I never knew the Americans love us that much. Surprisingly, they knew the lyrics of our songs and were singing along with us.

Dunno what is meant by “particularly the white girls”? But hey…go figure. They are expected to tour some more US cities next year.

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