Rachel Maddow -Please Speak out for Justice everywhere -SHELL has destroyed our land

Letter to Rachel Maddow of MNSBC.COM

shell-oil-spill_thumbI am your fan and a lover of your show because of your in-depth research on so many issues. Since few weeks ago  I noticed that you have been talking about the environmental catastrophe caused by BP in America.

May I also draw your attention to Nigeria oil spill by Shell , an American company that has completely killed lives and continue to kill lives in Niger delta and no body dare to speak about it.  I can feel your passion when you talk about BP oil spill in your country. You can imagine how frustrating it has been for us over five decades of oil spill by your very own SHELL that has really killed, maimed  and has completely damaged everything we have in that region. Rachel – Please tell Americans not to worry too much about  this BP mistake because we have been there so many times with SHELL and yet we are still there now,  and nothing has been done about it.  Our brothers in the Niger Delta  have also been feeling the same way your citizens are feeling now for decades  and your country with our corrupt government does not want to help us fight for justice. Instead the only assitance United states did was to connive with United kingdom and together  joined forces with our corrupt  politicians  to condemn and supress the activities of  our activoilspillists in that region; who are resisting the government and SHELL from further damage of  our land and natural endownments. You may remember the infamous speech of Gordon Brown  who was speaking at the reception of  our late president Umaru Yaradua last two years to No 10. At that news conference, Gordon Brown onlycontribution on the plight of our people was to offer military assistance to  Nigeria to help keep the activists away.

Just to make it clearer to you, there are so many instances of  oil spill activities in Niger delta, take for instance the one that happened in June 25, 2001,  when an oil spill and explosion occurred in the aged and rusty pipeline in Ogbodo, Nigeria.

The incidence destroyed the only source of drinking water for 150,000 people. The spill  also destroyed community fishing equipment and farmlands, and resulted in fumes and pollutants that have sickened people and forced many to evacuate their homes.  What did Shell or our government did about that…. Nothing …..No body ever cared  to help alleviate the plight of the victims, the Ikwere ethnic nationality of the River State of the Niger Delta.

I am  blogger  and activist. too.. we have been following the predicaments of our people and have written a lot about it. you can visit our website and see for yourself what SHELL has done in Niger-delta for approximately 50 years. I think you should not complain bitterly anymore because it is happening in America now …what do you say when it is happening elsewhere. what do you do when other lives and resources have been ruined by your country.  I think it will be advisable too to speak as well on this issue as it affect other people too. no life is more precious than the other  Nigerian or American alike.

I would be glad if you can speak out also on the criminal activities  and horrific doing that are not spoken out  but are taking place in other country by your very own oil companies. If not ,it  may likely be a law of karma that is visiting your politicians to make them  feel what our people have felt for 50 years over.

You know better than me about your country’s greedy desire for our oil and our politician’s inordinate desire for money.  see what is happening in our country too



Hope to receive your response

Anthony Claret
Codewit Coordinator

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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