Romantic scenes are not sex scenes – Ella Mensah

Ella MensahElla Mensah is a Ghanaian actress who does films in Nollywood every now and then. She is beautiful, sexy and she is particularly known for her sexy backside which Ella  doesn’t pretend to flaunt at every turn. She is explosive and not given to covering most of her God-given gifts.
In a recent interview with Sunday Vanguard, Ella, said she wouldn’t mind showing off some parts of her body, saying going totally nude in a film is totally out of the question for her. But seeing some of the posts  she made on her Facebook page recently, there is a deep impression Ella might be shifting ground on her not going nude for a movie role.
The pictures she posted on Facebook and Instagram some days ago were very  raunchy, seductive and some of them gives an idea the woman could appear in her birthday suit with the  blow of the wind.  But when I got chatting with her on Facebook, she maintained her stand and tacitly said she would not go nude in a film. “I may do romantic scenes and don’t confuse romantic scenes for sex scenes”.
I know Nollywood is toying with more sensual films but what you see mostly are romantic scenes. What we do on set is what couples do but not without our clothes. Sex sells. I can go on showing some parts of my body in a sensual way but that is as mush as you would ever see of me” she told me.

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