NIGERIA: Citibank Promotes Social Inclusion at Workplace

Citibank Nigeria Limited will today commence the celebration of its 6th annual diversity week. The event, which is expected to end this Friday, is to raise awareness on diversity issues and promote social inclusion in the international bank.

The bank said in a statement that the diversity week would also be commemorated in over 54 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The theme for 2013 is “Inclusion” and as part of this year’s program, Citi employees will be addressed on the importance of turning challenges into opportunities, “by understanding that most obstacles bring with them the prospect of rebirth and transformation through the changing of our perceptions.”
Other activities scheduled for the Citi diversity week include, Citi’s annual “Bring Your Child to Work Day,” and a diversity cocktail featuring a game show and interdepartmental contests where employees would showcase talents other than their professional capabilities.

“Through this year’s event, employees will discover how inclusion can change their views of themselves, their colleagues, teams, businesses and the external environment in which they operate.
“Citi believes that a diverse workplace means creating teams of people with diverse thinking and backgrounds who work together to leverage innovation and creativity to produce best-in-class solutions for clients,” it added.

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