NIGERIA: NGF Election Fallouts, Not a Threat to PDP in 2015

The Senator representing Plateau North, Senator Gyang Pwajok,  Tuesday stated that the fallouts of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum (NGF) election would not in any way threaten the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chances in the 2015 election, assuring Nigerians that the party will use its internal mechanism to resolve its crises before then.

Speaking with journalists in Jos, shortly after a peace parley between the Fulani and the native Berom, Pwajok said the fallouts were part of the dynamics of politics and democratic process, adding that such disagreements were not new in a democratic setting.

“For the PDP, it is good that this kind of thing is happening now than later; there is enough time to cement the relationship. However, there is no threat in the true sense of it, PDP is better organised; the party has its internal mechanism of resolving its internal problems. I believe the party will come out stronger,” he said.

He also linked the impasse to the political re-alignments of forces across Nigeria, stressing that oppositions both within and outside the party are scheming to reposition themselves ahead of the 2015 election, hence the present hiccups.

Pwajok, who said the NGF crisis was nothing for the opposition to rejoice about, stated that the ongoing consolidation and merger of opposition parties would soon be an exercise in futility, as those in the opposition will soon explode with worse crises.

“Those consolidating and merging will soon experience their explosion when the key issue of who becomes what comes into force; it is easy to merge, it is when the issue of who gets what comes up that the country will determine whether they have the capacity to resolve crisis,” he  added.

On the ongoing moves to resolve the crisis between the Fulani and the natives in his constituency, Pwajok said the coming together of the two groups and their determinations to embrace peace was a good development and a step towards resolving the crisis.

He charged the two groups to embrace peace and maintain the ongoing relationship, maintaining that the meeting was to consolidate on the existing peace in the affected local government areas within his constituency.

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