Coca-Cola Unveils New Ultra-bottle

Nigerian Bottling Company [NBC] Plc has launched the ultra glass bottle, the unique, light-weight and eco-friendly glass bottle packaging for its brands, Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite in Benin City, capital of Edo state.

Unveiling the products at an event in Benin City, the Regional Commercial Director of NBC, Mr. Tunji Akinseesin, said Ultra was created through ground breaking innovation by the Coca-Cola System to further enrich the refreshing experience of our consumers. Ultra was introduced in 2008 and available in Abuja, Rivers and Lagos.

He said in comparison with the regular glass bottle, ultra glass bottle required about 14% less raw materials and energy to produce.

“Its light weight significantly reduces stress on trucks and roads during transportation of products. Together with the new full-depth case packaging, it also offers a longer lifespan in trade, because it is tougher, 40% more durable and less vulnerable to breakage and scuffing compared to the regular bottle

“NBC commercial team will work with its dealers to make the new ultra bottles widely available in trade”, Akinseesin stated.

The NBC Regional Commercial Director further noted that the ultra bottles that were introduced internationally in 2000, were first unveiled in Nigeria in June 2011, adding that they were about 20 per cent lighter and 40 per cent more durable, which made them safer and easier in terms of handling and their contents much more protected.

His words: “This is the first location in the eastern part of the country to have ultra. We launched ultra in Nigeria in June 2011 and it has been doing very great in the market.

“Although looking so small, ultra has the same content as you have in the old regular glass bottles. The difference is that it is about 20 per cent lighter and 40 per cent more durable in terms of handling. It comes in full depth plastic, which protects it and prevents breakage as was discovered in the old ones. If you notice our old plastics, the bottle is half the size, but this one is coming in full depth plastic, which means that you will not be having breakages in the neck or the body. This time around we are going to remove the possibility of the bottles rubbing on each other.”

According to him, “It is the same content, the same price and the same quality. There is nothing changing in it. Only the glass has changed to become very good and more attractive,” but clarified, importantly, “Ultra glass is not going to replace the older ones. It will be sold along with those older ones for now.”

“If you notice, Coca Cola is known for quality. Globally, it was launched in the year 2000 to change and minimise the rate of breakage, which we were recording on the regular glass. The regular glass is heavier and it is prone to breaking faster and easier than the ultra,” he concluded.

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