Experts Link Death of Immigration Job Seekers to Neglect of Technology Solutions

Technology experts have said that the  death of  some   job seekers at the Nigeria Immigration Services(NIS) recruitment exercise would have been averted if   government has not  neglected  technology solutions.
The experts, who  spoke at different fora, said technology solutions like broadband and locally developed software would have saved the country from such embarrassment.
The Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON) said it would protest against what it described as outrageous, intellectually fraudulent and totally unacceptable management of the recent nationwide recruitment tests by the NIS.
President of ISPON, Mr. Chris Uwaje said simple software solutions that were already developed in Nigeria by Nigerians, were enough to address the challenges of the recruitment exercise, if government had regarded local software development.
“ISPON is appalled at the NIS for employing such crude techniques in short listing graduates for employment in its service. It is uncalled for to bring thousands of applicants to an open space whilst being exposed to the elements to conduct a recruitment test in an age where e-testing can be implemented,” Uwaje said.
According to  him,  “ISPON wishes to state unequivocally that as a professional body, it stands aloof of politics, and firmly on the side of Nigeria and its millions of youths that have chosen to work diligently, applying their intellect and energy in meaningful pursuit of their aspirations for self-actualisation.”
He said the  body would be negligent in ignoring this national catastrophe that bothers at best on gross incompetence and intellectual laziness.
“Given the loss of precious lives of tomorrow’s leaders, it is our view that the actions of the NIS are arguably criminally negligent since there were many technology options available in Nigeria,” Uwaje said, adding  â€œIt will inconceivable that in the 21st century, any responsible organisation should assemble 68,000 youths in a single location apparently to be tested manually.”
Speaking at the recent Telecoms Consumer Parliament anniversary in Lagos, Head, Interconnect at Globacom, Mr. Aremu Olajide said broadband would  have saved the lives of those that died during the NIS recruitment exercise  if the solution was deployed for the exercise.
According to him,  with broadband  people could fill their forms online and write exams online, instead of congesting several people in one location in the name of job test.
Corporate Services Executive at MTN, Mr. Wale Goodluck, who also spoke at the consumer parliament, blamed the situation on neglect of technology solution like broadband, by the government.
“Broadband will do 10 times what voice telephony is doing now. It is a social capital that will change the way we live, and must therefore not be left to telecoms operators alone. Government has a role to play. What government should do is to make broadband available and cheaper for the people,” Goodluck said.

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