NIGERIA: CPC, telecom operators prepare policy initiative for consumers

The Consumer Protection Council CPC will prepare a policy initiative in partnership with telecom operators that will provide actual comfort and protection for telecom subscribers in the country. The Director General CPC, Mrs. Dupe Atoki during the consumer round table on phone rights with the theme, ‘fix your phone right’ in Abuja, said that to tackle these issues, the council has adopted a number of measures, one of which was the meeting ongoing with telecom operators.
She said, “The council is using this week of the world consumer right day to host this programme during which we will deliberate on the state of the consumer in the telecom sector and what needs to be done to assuage the rampant abuse of the consumer rights.”
In Nigeria, we currently have over 120milllion telephone lines and the population is 167million. With the revolution occasioned by the introduction of the global system for mobile communication in 2001, almost every home in Nigeria now owns at least a mobile phone.”
While adopting the theme, fix our phones, the international consumer movement set an agenda that deals with issues that affect mobile consumers across the world, like providing consumers with fair contracts explained in clear,  complete and accessible language, provide consumers with their money worth, provide consumers with fair transparent billing, providing with power over their own information and listening, responding to consumer complaints. ”
This issues affect us all as the record of complaints in CPC shows that Nigerian consumers are faced with challenges that revolve around them. These include, poor network service, enrollment of subscribers in unsolicited services, unlawful deduction, wrong billing, exploitative automated services, unauthorised sim swap, poor customers service.”
The Minister of State, Minister of Trade and Investment, Dr. Samuel Ortom said consumer protection is the pivot is the1 pivot on which a competitive economy is built because it seeks to develop standard, codes of practice and regulations. Theee in turn prevent unfair competition deceptive acts, and regulate the conduct of trade for the good of the people.

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