Turkish enEntrepreneurs develop business ties at ECOWAS-Turkish expo

Exhibitors at the just concluded ECOWAS -Turkish Export Expo in Lagos have expressed satisfaction at the number of trade partnerships they entered into. The exhibition was organised to increase trade volume between Nigeria and Turkey. The Association of Businessmen and Investors of Nigeria and Turkey (ABINAT) reported that bilateral trade between the two countries has risen from $2 billion in 2012 to $2.3 billion in 2013.
Yauuz Zemheni, President of ABINAT, said that there would be improved trade relationship between both countries in 2014 owing to the success of the exhibition.
Mr. Okan Karakurt, Foreign Trade Sales Representatives, Tekinak Food Industry in Turkey said that Nigerian businessmen who participated at the exhibition were enthusiastic about foreign collaborations to improve their businesses.
“They expressed interests in collaborating with us in terms of our technology and current international product standards. We are also ready to share ideas with our Nigerian counterparts in order to improve the quality of their products. We are not just here to sell our products; we are here to help improve the economy of Nigeria,” he said.
Mrs Zekeriya Pehlivan, the International Trade Manager, TMD Aluminium, Turkey also said that her organisation was interested in investing in Nigeria to create employment opportunities.
“We are not going to be merely importing goods to Nigeria, but we are planning to establish our  production plants in this country in order  to provide jobs for the people and also enhance the productivity,” she said. The exhibition, which was organised by Tukson Universal Exhibition Company in Turkey, showcased products from Turkey, Ghana and Nigeria. The exhibition featured products ranging from textile, machinery, furniture, cosmetics and household materials.

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