Expert Tasks Nigerian Youths on Nation Building

A legal expert in the oil and gas industry, Mr. Rotimi Idowu, has tasked the Nigerian youths on the right attitude to participate in the oil and gas industry and force positive change for the development of the country.
Speaking to during a youth empowerment seminar organised by his Non -Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Lagos at the  weekend, Idowu said the country should build a virile youth that could perform their roles in the future of the country.
He said the opportunities in the oil and gas sector were very broad in terms of the employment opportunities and other roles the youths could play.
“As the oil and gas industry widens off into other areas of opportunities and employment and engagement, the younger generation that are coming out of the universities are being trained to take over the roles that aging population within the industry have performed over the years. So, the more young people we have coming into the industry to perform these roles, the better for the nation and the better for the industry,” he said.
Idowu, who works with one of the major International Oil Companies (IOCs}  in the country, said his NGO intended to develop the youths to play relevant roles, not only in the oil and gas industry, but also in the leadership and political system of the country.
He said his organisation needed to build future leaders, adding that only the youths could be prepared as leaders that would serve the country maximally.
Idowu said the youths should be prepared to be familiar with the proper ideology, right mentality, and the right values.
“Our vision as an NGO is to develop youths that will be change agents in the country – youths that will have the right attitude and right mentality to force positive change and development of the country,” he added.
He said rather than complaining about corruption, nepotism, fraud and other ills afflicting the Nigerian society, the youths should start at their own sphere of influence to bring about the needed change in the country.
“We need to build a virile youth that can perform their roles in the future of this country. That is what actually motivated us to go into this NGO,” he said.
He reiterated the determination of his NGO to partner with the government, other NGOs and other relevant organisations in the future to ensure the realisation of its goals and objectives.
The youth empowerment seminar, which attracted hundreds of youths across the country, also involves motivational speeches and counseling from invited experts.

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