Errand Booking Website Launched in Abuja

Order Me Shopping, an online errand and home delivery business based in Abuja, has launched its website, which provides customers with the option to send in a shopping list from anywhere and have shopping done and delivered to them.

The first-of-its kind service in the city of Abuja infuses innovation in offering more than 1,000 foodstuff, groceries and household items online for immediate purchase around the clock. Deliveries will initially be available only to Abuja residents in seven parts of the city: Apo, Asokoro, Garki , Jabi, Maitama, Wuse, and Utako, with more to come. Customers may choose between home delivery and office delivery at a time convenient to them. They will also be able to make payments online or on delivery.

The launch of this new retail website represents to shoppers an offer of a new level of time-saving convenience where they can compare products and prices and shop from the comfort of their own home 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a way that makes available both the choice that comes with going to the local grocery, as well as the peace of mind of getting the stuff shipped from the shop to their doors.

The options to either pay online or on delivery make transactions on very easy and secure for customers and leaves them with possibilities such as “shopping as a gift” for their friends, relatives or spouses resident in Abuja, even if they themselves are not resident in Abuja. All they need do is indicate the delivery address as the address of that person they want the “shopping gift” to go to.

OrderMeShopping boasts a very robust platform with several user-friendly features that ease the process for the customer placing an order for a delivery: for instance, rather than all deliveries being placed on an instant basis, OrderMeShopping’s users can schedule orders for later. That way, customers who know they are going to be indisposed can order ahead. OrderMeShopping also has an intuitive shopping feature called “Shop by History” which simplifies the ordering process so that the user can; with three easy clicks of the button, make use of a previous order to make a new order. Customers can also check in real-time where their order is and when it’s expected to be delivered.

At an affordable service fee that is a percentage of the purchases; customers are assured savings from time spent doing the actual shopping, remaining stuck in traffic and fuelling the vehicle. They also have a genuine tool for tracking their weekly or monthly grocery expenses.

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