Akwa Ibom Food Festival Debuts

Governor Godswill AkpabioAkwa Ibom is fast becoming the state of choice when it comes to high-powered events in the last months of the year. Asides its highly-anticipated Christmas Carol, now a yearly ritual, it is set to host the 1st Akwa Ibom Food Festival,  a high selling tourism event poised to ignite high tourism activities within and outside Akwa Ibom state, this month. 
This naiden event is slated for the 26th through the 30th day of November and would be held annually in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. With a government backing through the endorsement by Akwa Ibom State Tourism Board, the event will involve all Local Government Councils as competitive participants, all eateries and fast food in Akwa Ibom, major food companies in Nigeria, food processing factories and allied products in Nigeria.
The Honourable Minister of Tourism, the Director General, Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation, Ministry of Tourism from different States, Outfits affiliated to food and tourism, other organizations from diverse sectors, agencies and the general public.  It cuts across all spheres of the society (rich, middleclass and low income earners). With an overall prospective participation of about 30, 000 participants, it promises to be a five (5) star events.
Endorsed by the Akwa Ibom State Tourism Board, it has the potential of affecting positively all facets of tourism development in the state and country at large, promising to showcase cuisines and cultural heritage of the state.
The 1st Akwa Ibom Food Festival, themed: Health, Taste, Tourism is to be organized in Uyo by De- Noahua Tourism in collaboration with the Akwa Ibom Hotels and Tourism Boards who is the first and prime partner of the project..
De- Noahua Tourism is proudly Nigerian tourism outfit with professionals and expertise in organizing tourism events and showcasing strong sellable tourism brands with high professional capacity, De- Noahua Tourism has successfully carved a niche for itself in the tourism sector of Nigeria. Our past events and activities include packaging of tourism based travel to the Ashante festival in Ghana, Zulu Kingdom festival in South Africa. Coordinating travels and tours for visitors for the Argungu festival and Calabar carnival, successful hosting of coastal boat regatta competitions, Akwa  cross fishing festival in Akwa Ibom  and Cross River State etc. with a track record of successful events and brands, we hope to continue to remain undaunted in achieving more feats.

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