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BBA 2013: Is it Mellish or the new guy?

Feature: Is it Mellish or the new guy?She is so gorgeous, sweet as candy and pretty as a picture – that’s the dazzlingDillish. Since the beginning of The Chase, Dillish has been hot property in and out of the House and everyone wanted to know who she would get with.However, the soft-spoken Namibian made it clear that she was already taken and had no time for playing games in the House. It didn’t take her too long to declare that she was beginning to feel the void for affection and some good loving.

She later confessed to Biggie that she had the hots for some lucky lad in the House. Word around Twitterland was that Nigeria’s Melvin was the most likely chap. Dillsh wouldn’t give anything away but she and Melvin have been giving each other looks lately. Well, there’s a whole Mellish campaign going on on Twitter.

The likes of Nando have not hidden the fact that they find Dillish to be really fine and knowing Nando, he’s just after one thing. Well, it looks like JJ’s sleek moves got the best of the Namibian lass. He wouldn’t hold back as he served her breakfast before declaring his undying love for her. The two flirted up a storm, sharing endearments and somewhat getting to know each other better.The Zimbabwean hottie has been working out a storm since he entered the House; was it to impress the Namibian beauty or is it his normal routine?

With abs like that, looks like JJ’s been at it for a while and maybe, just maybe Dillish likes it too. Has Dillish finally found her match in The Chase or is it all just her usual innocent flirting?

What the Stars had to say:

We took to the Stars to find out who of the two guys is more compatible with the Namibian lass. Dillish’s birthday is on September 16, which makes her a Virgo while JJ’s is on December 27 making him a Capricorn. According to, this is how compatible the two are:

“The romance will blossom like summer flower between Virgo woman and Capricorn man. The relationship is as sweet as honey. Their personalities will glow in each other’s companionship. She can feel secure in his presence and shows her love towards him. She will stand by his side in his difficulties and tries to fulfill his needs. He, on other end makes her happy with materialistic things. This zodiac signs forms one of the best love-matches”.

Meanwhile, Melvin celebrated his birthday in the House on June 28, which means he is a Cancerian. This is what the Stars had to say about Melvin and Dillish’s compatibility:

“A Virgo woman will always try to make a Cancerian man happy and gay, cuddle him whenever he needs. And, a Cancer man with his imaginative power, sharp memory and attractiveness will also allure a Virgo woman. Both, Cancer man and Virgo woman are compatible to each other because of their mutual understanding. The two zodiac signs will be strongly tied with love, affection and trust”.

So, are you team Mellish or should Dillish give the new guy a chance? Perhaps you’d rather have her stick to her original game till she returns to her man back home?

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