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BBA 2013: Dillish and JJ flirt up a storm

Dillish and JJ flirt up a stormJJ has a thing for Dillish, from the looks of things.

“You tell me when you are ready and I will change my life,” declared the Zimbabwean as he flirted up a storm with the Namibian.

“I am a keeper. Once you date me you will want to date me for a long time,” Dillish proclaimed. “I want forever. If I have found something special why would I let it go?” JJ answered. Wow dude, talking about laying it on thick, clearly the Zimbabwean is not afraid to come on strong.

The young Emerald made the Chasemate blush when he asked her what it is about her that has all of the boys Chasing after her. “You must have an amazing personality,” he mused. He also called her out on her flirtatious ways, saying: “You come across as a flirt”. “I know I am a flirt,” Dillish chirped back at him. Ooh these two they are both such pretty little flirts aren’t they?

So what do you think or JJ and Dillish flirting up a storm?

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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