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BBA 2013: Annabel is scared of being Evicted

Annabel is scared of being EvictedIt’s been nine weeks into The Chase and Housemates always feel the pressure of maintaining their strategies and ultimately being the winner. All this requires that the Housemates endure all challenges in the game and therefore remain in Biggie’s House. Kenyan beauty Annabel is very worried that her game will end this Sunday.

There are currently three Housemates up for Eviction this week which means the chances of her leaving The Chase are quite high. Annabel has been Nominated every week for the past few weeks and it has finally dawned to her that this time she might not survive Evictions. Her main concern is the fact that she has been Nominated with two of the strongest contenders in the game, Sulu and Elikem.

Earlier this afternoon she sat with Eveva, telling her how worried she is that she might be going home on Sunday. She was more stressed about the odds quickly stacking up against her because she’s the most likely candidate to be Evicted as she’s up against only two other Housemates whereas there were six others to choose from in past weeks. Eveva told her to keep the faith and play her game because she is still here. “Nobody knows how Africa will vote,” she said trying to console Annabel.

It goes to show that nobody in Biggie’s House can be sure of anything, even strong characters like Annabel get worried about Evictions from time to time especially because there are no more weaklings to Evict from The Chase anymore.

Once upon a time, nine weeks ago, Annabel would’ve laughed at the Annabel that we all saw this afternoon. But it’s like Eveva said, your game is not over just yet Annabel, keep your head up because Africa is watching.

Do you think Annabel will survive Evictions this week?

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