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BBA 2013: Nando strategizes with Annabel

Nando strategizes with AnnabelWho knew that behind Nando’s pretty little face is the mind of a strategist?

“Even Africa gets tired of saving your ass all the time. Play the game now,” that was the wakeup call that Nando gave toAnnabel this evening. The Tanzanian spent the night advising Eviction Nominee Annabel on how to strategize her way to the top five of The Chase.

“You already know where you stand with people. The people that you feel Nominated you; go to them and make a deal,” the young fellow advised the Kenyan lass.

Today saw Annabel being put up for possible Eviction for the fifth time during her time in The Chase and it looks like despite the brave face that she is putting on, the pressure of constantly being on the chopping block is getting to her. “We are all walking on thin ice,” she declared to Nando.

The two also speculated about who Bimp>HoH Bimp’s Eviction save. “We think he swapped Cleo for Oneal,” said Annabel. “No Cleo for Sulu,” Nando affirmed.

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