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BBA 2013: Alusa shakes things up

Alusa shakes things upAfter indulging in the waters of immortality, the Housemates had a lot of requests for their fellow Chasemates.

After the party, the Housemates gathered in the lounge to finish off their drinks. As the alcohol flowed, Oneal stood and asked for his fellow Housemates’ attention. “I have a special request to make. Please could you all ask Big Brother to play Feza’s songs in the house”, the Tswana Housemate said. This follows a surreal moment for Oneza, when Tanzania’s DJ PQ played one of Feza’s music videos during the party.

Before he even got a chance to sit down, Emeraldmate Alusa was up, with an eyebrow raising speech of his own. “Nominations are on Monday and we all know this. I have one request to make. We have only five weeks to go before The Chase comes to an end. When you Nominate, please Nominate the people you think are competition. If you go in there and dilly dally, I will win the money”, he told the stunned Housemates.

The Housemates are not aware that the Emeralds are not really in the running for the USD 300 000 prize and have only been introduced into the game to shake things up.

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