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BBA 2013: Failed Task: Both Houses lose their Wagers

Task: Both Houses lose their WagersAfter all that effort Biggie?

Both the Rubies and the Diamonds were very disappointed in Biggie’s decision for their Circus Task Presentations. Both Houses have forfeited their 100% Wagers and Biggie wasn’t joking about his decision as he told all of them of his disappointment.

The Rubies thought he was joking and that he would come back saying he was pulling their tired legs but nothing of the sort happened. Biggie meant what he said and wasn’t impressed with any of the House Presentations because the Housemates didn’t put much effort into their Task.

The Diamonds were as disappointed but Annabel told everyone that they were fine as far as food was concerned. “We still have bottles to last us another week and we have meat, sausage and food,” she said trying to encourage the sad Diamonds.

This goes to show that Biggie takes Task Presentations very seriously and wanted to awaken the Housemates to that reality. The survival of the Chasemates in the House depends a lot on their Wager, which they need to work for by doing Tasks. But it might seem that our Chasemates have become quite comfy in Biggie’s House and feel that they don’t have to impress him anymore.

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