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Big Brother Amplified: Nic Wang’ondu, reflects on the happenings in the house and his eviction

nic-bbaArguably Kenya’s best bet in the ongoing Big Brother Amplified, Nic Wang’ondu, reflects on the happenings in the house and his eviction. By STEVENS MUENDO.

They ask what’s in a name! Well, do you recall Nicholas ‘Nasty Nick’ Bateman the British media personality and a former contestant on the first series of the British version of Big Brother? He was told to leave the show after 36 days. He was the most popular housemate in the house at the time.

After his departure from the show, Nick enjoyed reasonable media exposure and attended many show-business parties and premieres. He went on to present several TV shows.

Could this be the future of Kenya’s Big Brother Amplified (BBA) representative Nic Wangondu, 26, who was kicked out of the house last Sunday? Coincidentally just like Nick Nasty, the Kenyan boy says he will use the BBA platform to launch his own TV talk show.

Pulse: Do we now call you Nasty Nick?

Nic: I don’t see myself as nasty as much as I said I could be a flirt. I am a cool, collected person as much as I share some few traits with Nasty Nick.

P: Some people believe that you were one of the strongest housemates in this BBA. Are you disappointed that you were evicted this early?

N: I am grateful to all the people who believed in me and I can assure you that I will not let them down. It was a great platform for me to launch my career in media.

P: How is it being in the Big Brother House, is it all about the money?

Nic: It is like playing a game of chess. Frankly, it’s hard for anyone to claim to have a winning strategy. You have a lot going on in the day but when you get to your bed at night, you realise that you are in here to win the money. I thought I knew myself before getting into the House, but once you’re inside you get to know yourself, you get to know how you react to people, react to your own emotions, so the biggest thing was the battle with myself.

P: Did you fall for Zambia’s Kim?

N: Let me put the record straight, I don’t mean to be mean but I was not in love with Kim. It was just a question of getting to know each other better…

P: You said there was something about her eyes and that she looked innocent. You even said she gave you butterflies and left you confused…

N: The thing is Kim, was a special girl. Before she trusts you she puts this wall you can’t go through. But once you break through and earn her trust, you discover how deep she can be. She is a good girl after all.

P: Before you broke her heart, Kim expected a post-BBA relationship with you. Do you think that was the genesis of the bad blood that led to your eviction?

N: I remember her giving me a huge hug and saying all that but I think it was all meant for show. She is the kind of person who creates an emotional environment that earns her empathy from everyone else. That was part of her strategy.

P: Though she nominated you, she was greatly affected by your eviction and has been crying about you all week. Do you care taking your friendship to the next level any time soon?

N: I said I was never in love. I didn’t go to the BBA House to have relationships. I am now focused on my career and the truth is she is nowhere in my plans.

P: Do you think there are genuine relationships in BBA?

N: Not really. Like I said, housemates pretend to be in relationships as part of their strategy to survive.

P: You had issues with Nigeria’s Karen?

N: I had a bit of an issue with Karen in the beginning but then afterwards we got to know each other, settled our differences and that was right. The thing is at first, Karen did not have time to listen to anyone and that was her biggest problem. But right now, she is firm on the game and has been manipulating other girls to get the boys kicked out early. But I think by the end of the day, the whole thing may backfire on her.

P: But you said she would be a likely winner?

N: She is a real fighter and that is why I see her going far. However, the game changes every week and I believe Big Brother will throw in a surprise which might completely change the game. People like Kenya’s Millicent and Namibia’s Bernadina are underestimated but they are really intelligent and smart. They could be the surprise package by the end of the day.

P: You heard about Ernest and Bhoke caught bonking under the sheets. How is it dealing with passionate emotions in BBA?

N: Well, all I know is that Ernest came to me the following morning and told me he had drunk too much and blacked out. I am not sure what happened but when it comes to romance inside the house, it can be tricky. You are locked together in this house where emotions are boxed simply because cameras are on and you can’t do much.

P: What next for Nic?

N: I would want to launch my own TV late night talk show. I have this passion to help empower the youth on issues to do with empowerment and investment. I have already forwarded my proposal to some guys who have taken interest in it.

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