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Big Brother Amplified: Heads and Tails Merge

bigbrotherThe Big Brother Amplified Monday night nomination show turned into a surprise reunion for the two sets of housemates.

Big Brother started the surprise during dinner time in the Heads house when he called Hanni to the dairy room.

Hanni was asked to put on a blind fold and then assisted out through a secret passage into the Tails House. She was followed by Lonwe and that sparked some suspicion amongst the other Headsmates who started speculating and investigating until it became apparent to them that Hanni and Lomwe had left the House.

Bit by bit the Heads House emptied into the Tails House as the merger between the two sets of housemates was clear and complete. Meanwhile the Tailsmates received their former buddies with hugs and excitement.

But the merger seemed a bit too hard to swallow in by some housemates Vina commented, “This will be hard…I am very unhappy”. Wendell also said “This is hectic”.

All housemates were asked to move into the garden where they were met by a spectacular display of fireworks

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