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Big Brother Amplified: Alex & Miss P Busted

wemaAlex and Miss P managed to pit the girls against each other way before the Housemates caught on. What game are these two playing? Alex, aka Bomaye is one slick character. Since the game started, he has played the cool, calm and collected brother figure that all the girls trust with their deepest darkest secrets.

Alex however, has managed to use a lot of what he is told in confidence, to add fuel to the fires which rage endlessly in the House. It would seem this is his strategy. Is it working for him though? Our guess would be yes. Last night, Alex told Vimbai how Vina had warned him against trusting her. Vimbai did not take this lying down and confronted Vina, leaving her in tears.

Miss P managed to convince Alex to open up so that the girls trust him and think he likes them, so that he uses that to pit them against each other. Vimbai confronted Alex about this and told him how he and Miss P had been overheard plotting at night. Alex quickly notified a shocked Miss P who was stunned that they had been busted. Miss P expressed how fearful she was to even join her Housemates in conversation because everyone knows their game plan. Alex told her to relax and said they would discuss the issue later.

What are these two up to and will their strategy work?

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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