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Big Brother Amplified: Alex Throws Miss P Out!

Miss P and Alex had a major blowout Monday night, allegedly over Alex’s boiled eggs, which popped after she failed to time them correctly..

Alex immediately threw away the eggs and ran upstairs to get Miss P’s bed, which he left downstairs, together with the legendary black pants that he always wears. Apparently the black pants are Miss P’s and it was perhaps the only hold she still had on him after he had started showing interest in Weza.

Upon seeing Alex dump her pants too, Miss P was quick to conclude that he must be ready to jump into Weza’s pants. However, Weza took offence and asked that she be left out of their ‘marital problems’.

She didn’t mince her words as she told Miss P that Alex’s issues were bigger than just eggs but he had deeper issues that had surfaced through the egg issue.

Miss P apologised to Weza but it seemed as though the Angolan Housemate didn’t take it kindly.

Miss P later approached Alex and demanded an explanation, insisting that she had an equal right to sleep wherever she likes and Alex wouldn’t dictate to her.

Alex decided to leave the bedroom and went to sit in the garden alone. Millicent followed him outside and tried to knock some sense into him. She told him that he shouldn’t allow Miss P to get to him at this crucial stage of the game but the Ghanaian Housemate couldn’t even respond as he just kept breathing heavily.

However, with Alex and Miss P one can’t even tell when they are serious or not, because they have been talking strategy for the past week. However, just as it seems as if Miss P is left alone on ‘their’ strategy, Alex corners her and they start whispering about how well their plan is going.

Does Africa think this drama is still part of their strategy or has Alex backed off the plans as she had quizzed him about earlier?

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