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Big Brother Amplified: Mumba playing game smartly

ZAMBIA’S envoy in the Big Brother Amplified house Mumba, is seemingly playing her game so unexpectedly well and smartly with only three weeks in between before the finals.

Tomorrow the house will again crumble and cry as one if not two of the nominated housemates will be shown the way out of the Big Brother house in the evening during a live eviction show on the dedicated DStv channel 198.
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A sigh of relief for Zambia though, as both Mumba and Kim are not on the nomination list.
Though many enthusiasts wrongly predicted an early exit for the 25-year-old Zambian radio DJ and that she would not last more than four weeks in the highly competitive amplified house, she seems to be proving the critics wrong.
Mumba is getting stronger while keeping her strategy cards close to her chest.
Mumba seems to be reading fellow housemates’ moods and character very well such that they have failed to find reasons of nominating her ever since she entered the house.

In fact we can safely say Mumba is the only housemate who has until now not tasted the bitter pill of nomination except the time when Miss P as head of house then, swapped her for Karen.
That was not a nomination.
Clearly, Miss P is the only fault finder in Mumba’s life. Could she be threatened by the calm and collected Zambian girl? Perhaps yes.
Well, everything has its own ending. Tomorrow we see Mumba’s stumbling block, Miss P, more likely to face the eviction door together with Angola’s Weza.

This will then mean that the Zambian diva would have less if not no persecutors at all in dying weeks of the show.
This again will depend on how Mumba carries herself. If she continues with how she has been doing it all along, Mumba might just find herself among the finalists better still one of the winners.
Mumba’s character has proved to be interestingly unique in that she is not an attention seeker and only speaks when it matters, though she too like any other housemates would have her challenging and light moments in the house.
We received your comments and this is what you think about the Zambian girls;
Javier Hernandez from Nkana West Kitwe writes; Mumba, Kim and Sharon O are the best girls in the Big Brother Amplified House. Mumba you can make it with your composure. Go girls.

Another keen Lusaka follower of the Times Big Brother daily updates, Sophie, who on Monday morning predicted correctly that Mumba and Kim would not be nominated writes: “I told you that the Zambian girls would survive this week’s nominations especially Mumba. Mumba has proved to be very smart in this game. As for Kim I love her romantic kind of lifestyle in the house. It just feels amplifying to watch the ‘Kimumba.”
Tamara from Kitwe writes: “I just want to say that I love Mumba very much and enjoy the way she is playing the game unlike Kim. Kim is just being used by men in the house. I think she should come back home now but Mumba deserves to win.”
Mulenga from Lusaka writes: “It is a shame to have Kim in the Big Brother Amplified house. What kind of Zambian woman is she who can comfortably change men on continental TV? She better learn from her sister Mumba before it’s too late for her. As for Mumba, I am so proud of her and will always reserve some talk time to vote for her.
Interesting, it’s only hoped that many African enthusiast see what kind of deserving winner the 25-year-old Zambian radio DJ is.
With her county mate Kim, drama which is surrounded by uncertainty seems to be taking it peak-not a very good sign for the Zambian beautician though.

Around 00:25 hours on Thursday morning, Lomwe told Miss P that Kim was not his girl despite the two sharing romantic moments in the recent past days.
Lomwe now claims that Kim is unstable and that she seems not to be very okay in the head! What an insult from the Malawian.
One wonders how the Zambian girl will cope with the new development having been once disappointed by Kenya’s Nic to an extent of contributing to his eviction after she nominated him.
We have received a number of concerns about Kim’s relationships so far. Anyway, who knows, Kim might have already smelled a rat and trying to change the game plan.
In our yesterday’s daily update, we told you how Kim is planning to pull out of the relationship with Lomwe claiming that she does not want to bring about misunderstanding among the female housemates.
She was again heard telling Alex how shy she feels to seek the face of God in prayer going by the mistakes she has been making in the house that are not pleasing before God-obviously the Lomwe and Nic affair.
Kim, however, said she was inspired by Weza who despite having fallen short of the glory of God whilst in the house, she has had time to sit and seek the face of God in prayer.

Kim better put her house in order for there is surely no more time of trying out strategies.
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