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Alex Tips Luclay and Karen To Win Big Brother Amplified

alex3Ghanaian Big Brother Amplified housemate, Alex Biney popularly known as ‘Bomaye’ has arrived in Ghana after his 70-day stay in the hit reality TV series. The just evicted housemate at a press conference in Accra revealed that he sees Nigeria’s Karen and South Africa’s Luclay to be at the forefront of the race for the double $200,000 cash prize.

“Karen and Lucay are at the forefront. If that’s the case, then by all means they should take it. However I don’t like to judge whoever should take the money just because two people are at the forefront. It’s the last stretch of the game and you got to bear in mind that it is a game and its entertainment. So basically it is whoever that keeps us entertained and glued to the television till the very last day that deserves the money. And if it means that Karen and Luclay are doing just that then of course Kudos to them,” says Alex.

Alex still remains evasive about his true feelings for fellow housemates Miss P and Weza but wasn’t shy to admit that of all the kisses he enjoyed while in the Big Brother House, the best was from the sexy Angolan, Weza. “I definitely think that the kiss Weza and I shared was more passionate. She came into the house with animosity between her and Millicent so she came in with a strategy to kind of seduce me or get me away from Millicent but we connected on a different level. We started to see each other differently and that kiss made it a little more emotional for the both of us but definitely it was a good kiss.”

‘The ladies’ man’, Alex said he expected to be put up for eviction the week he was evicted because of the drama between him, Weza and Miss P but added that he didn’t fully understand that he would be leaving because he had not prepared himself mentally to leave the house at that point. Comparing his strategy with that of Nic, he commented: “I really don’t know Nic’s strategy however I wasn’t playing these girls. I went into the house with the intention of being personable, being myself and being likeable by the house. I judged the viewership on how I saw the house, if the house liked me then I knew that the viewers liked me. It worked for a long time until certain emotions got crossed and eventually it played a factor in me leaving the house. I never played any of the girls; I was genuine and connected with all of them.”

Alex in spite of being tagged as a typical ladies’ man said that he grew up in a family of strong women that taught him to respect women and so that informed him to restrain his relationship with the girls in the Big Brother House. He said it would be easy for a man to have sex in such a situation and he would only be referred to as a player and not criticized much for his behaviour by society while a woman would be tagged as a slut and chastised by the public if she applied herself to a similar behavior, especially in the African setting. He therefore protected the girls in the house as a sign of his respect for woman and he hopes that he set some standards for African men to follow and value African women.

Describing the Big Brother experience, Alex said he loved the entire experience although it came with its ups and down. He said he wished that the cameras in the house could be less obvious to housemates so that they would be less aware of their actions and be more real and spontaneous. He implied that the likes of Hanni, Sharon O and Wendal are not as strong and entertaining as the others but admitted that by the nature of the game, the strong characters are put in the limelight and the disadvantage is that they are put up for eviction by people who see them as a threat.

Moving forward, Alex is hopeful that the experience would open up several opportunities for him, particularly in the world of showbiz and fashion. He added that he has plans for setting up his own fashion business from his experience with Phat Farm in the US. He will also be using his new celebrity status to support environmental campaigns including the fight against malaria and the promotion of good sanitation via Team Alex, a group that was formed by friends and fans to whip up support for his Big Brother Amplified campaign.

Alex was presented with a DStv Mobile enabled Nokia handset with one year free subscription from DStv Mobile Ghana. There will also be an eviction party for Alex at fellow Ghanaian Big Brother housemate, Confidence Haugen’s popular Aphrodisiac Nightclub on Saturday, July 16.

Source: Ameyaw Debrah
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