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Big Brother amplified: where’s sex in amplified show? What a bummer!

A MaraPost’s Special Correspondent who faithfully watches each and every episode of Big Brother Amplified from his living room and brings you the juicy details of the show is obviously disappointed with what he has seen so far this year and is demanding more…

BLANTYRE–They’re probably the most beautiful, bootylicius girls to have entered the Big Brother show.


When you look at the “behind” – what Malawians call mbina – of that Kenyan angel Sharon O, I have no shame to say I wish could get the chance to meet and get to know her. Even women admire and appreciate her beauty.

Then there’s the eccentric Karen, all the way from most populous Naija. A former stripper (just Google her name), she’s also a beauty, well, according to me. Her silicon boobs are amazing. Guess, I will leave it at that.

The deep-voiced Angolan Weza also gives me the kicks. I just like her natural black beauty, no attempt it would seem – like others on the same show – to try and change her looks with today’s cosmetics and all that.

Now, let’s move to Botswana. Miss P is something else. That mbina just kills me. She is beautiful but I just don’t know if I could manage her volumptuous body. But, hey, that’s what you get from the diamond-rich country.

Millicent? Black is beautiful, so they say. Being an African woman is having some junk in the trunk which by the way is the same as saying buttocks. So you do get that in Millicent. She’s sexy and what have you. Case closed.

Kimberly from Zambia is just attractive but seems to know what love is all about. She wants to be loved but the men are, simply put, shy, although Malawi’s Lomwe has been closer to what Malawi’s Weekend Times, a sensational tabloid, would call ‘bonking’ or ‘shagging’.


Viewers have coined ‘Lokim’ for the love chemistry between Lomwe and Kimberly. Well, the two seem to understand what it means to be neighbours just like their countries are but that’s where it ends.

Vimbai from Zimbabwe is another alluring lady who could cause an accident on Harare streets if you stared too long while driving or even just walking.

I fail to comment on Bernadina. But men who have an eye for beauty would easily have her in their top 10 list of beauties.

But what the hell am I talking about?

I have no interest in discussing men in the BBA. They failed me, period. I mean, you call yourself a man and do nothing when cuties like Kim, Weza, Vina and Karen seem to want more than just talk.

I don’t recall missing any episode and I am sure there hasn’t been any sex in this BBA – Big Brother AMPLIFIED – unless one wants to tell me that there was more between the sheets of Lomwe and Kim.

Zeus from Botswana, Wendall from Zimbabwe, Luclay from Mzansi, Lomwe from Malawi and Alex from Ghana haven’t represented Africa well, if you can catch my drift. They make my blood boil!

In previous editions of Big Brother, people used to get laid! Remember Gaetano and that South African chick. What about Richard and Angolan model Tats (Tatiana)? Could you really then blame Malawi’s Felicia for complaning that life was hard in the House as there was no sex? I really felt Felicia’s pain.

With just a few weeks to go, the humour, the jokes and the love triangles and what seem like sex scenes have been disappointed me in this year’s BBA.

No, Big Bro. you lied. This show wasn’t “amplified”. Just so you know, if this is the kind of show you want to bring back next year, I will tune out and sink in my comfy chair at home and watch the paint dry. Two hundred thousand dollars for a winner isn’t chump change. That’s a lot of dough and people must work for that kind of money and that includes daring to do stuff on the show to make some of us want to watch it. You want me back next year as viewer, start doing something now! It’s never too late, you know.–maravipost

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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