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Vimbai recounts Big Brother Amplified experience

Recently evicted Zimbabwean Big Brother Amplified (BBA) housemate Vimbai Mutinhiri said she has no regrets at taking part in the reality show indicating she did her best to represent the country.

Speaking to NewsDay after being evicted on Sunday, Vimbai said it was disheartening she had been evicted when she was so close to the final.

She dismissed allegations she was pushing a political agenda by frequently singing party songs during her stay in the house.

“I really like songs by Mbare Chimurenga Choir. These songs are frequently played on our radio stations and many people just end up singing along,” she said.

She added some of the housemates enjoyed the songs and she had to teach them some lyrics which resulted in their constant singing of the songs.

Vimbai made it clear she never initiated a relationship with Wendall Parson.

“Wendall and I related well to each other with no strings attached and I never wanted a relationship with him.”

Vimbai said the day Wendall told her he sensed she was making advances at him was the day she wanted to discuss how she felt used by him.

“I wanted to discuss how I felt he was using me in the house to his advantage. So I wanted to make it clear to him.”


She added that all relationships in BBA were false as it was not possible to have one solid relationship whilst in the house. Asked about her frequent fights with Karen, Vimbai said Karen had had beef with her since the start of the show.

“Karen is someone I clearly don’t understand. I don’t think I’ll ever get along with her as she had problems with me from week one.

“She used to question me about my accent, clothes and frequently provoked me. I am not a coward so I had to deal with her hence our misunderstandings.”

Vimbai said she had no hint on which two housemates were going to win the show this year as it was difficult to tell what Africa was looking for.

She further thanked her fans for supporting her when she was in the house as they had voted to save her twice before being evicted the third time.

The ex-housemate intends to use the BBA exposure as a platform to launch a fashion and modelling label.

Vimbai and Wendall return home next week after the BBA finale on Sunday.

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