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Karen and Wendall win Big Brother Amplified 2011

karenwinNigerian, Karen and Zimbabwean, Wendall have emerged joint winners at the just concluded reality television show, Big Brother Amplified, taking home $200,000 each. With most ardent followers already ticking Karen as a winner weeks before the show’s over, Wendall’s winning appears to be the only surprise of the final night.

Mr. Wendall

From the onset, Wendall has been very laid back and only has time for his cigarettes and beer. He hardly entertained so he was definitely an unlikely winner. He wouldn’t even yield to his country mate’s constant crave for attention. Wendall was never fun to watch, he could sit all day on a spot; he never exhibited any kind of emotions rather he devoted his attention to his cigarette sticks. He’s not one to break down in frustration or out of just missing home like Lomwe and Karen. He however has a positive side, although he was not interesting or fun to watch, he is hardworking. Voluntarily he cleans, unlike the other house mates who all make a fuss about household chores. He also wasn’t a pretender; he came clean about not liking Vina and also made it cleared he doesn’t like being touched.

Miss Karen

The free spirited Nigerian started out not expecting much from the game. She has a strong character and she is lovable, selfless and entirely original. Yes she drinks a little too much and even smokes but never lied about who she is. She revealed emotions and even shed a few tears during the show. At some point, she suggested that the winning prize be shared among all housemates.

She got so emotional with other housemates that she gave up the opportunity of saving herself from under the eviction hammer by nominating someone else during the week she was up for eviction when she was the house leader. Despite her seemingly volatile personality, Karen has a caring heart and acted out herself. She reached out to everyone and even those who didn’t think she deserves the winning prize.

She truly is the definition of a strong African woman.

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