Big Brother Africa

Introducing Big Brother Mzansi housemates – PICTURES


After twelve years, Big Brother South Africa is back on your screens with an interesting mix of characters who are set to entertain and unleash drama for 63 days as they compete for a prize of R1 million.

The main house:

With only two days into the reality show,  we have a couple who seem to have gotten the viewers’ attention and are clearly the highlight of the first week.

23 year old Kat from Johannesburg who works as an assistant, has played into the arms of Durban based student Jase (21) whilst DJ Sol Phenduka (26) already scooped a kiss from her on day one of the show.

Is Kat playing strategically with the boys?

At the launch of the show Kat revealed that her prettiness is an advantage and gives full credit to her appearance for getting her to where she is now.

“My looks definitely play an advantage for me. In some weird way I already have it, I’m already there and a step ahead.”

.. And what about Jase?

Jase, the flirt is a go getter and will go for how the heart feels. It seems like girls are more on his mind than the money.

“I have a zest for life, and anything that gets the heart pumping, that’s for me. What I’m looking forward to in the Big Brother house is obviously the Jacuzzi nights with the girls in the bikinis,” he said.

The Chamber house:

The Chamber house consists of six housemates who will be outwitting each other to ensure them a place in the main house.

These housemates are: Iris, Jenayne, Kgosi, Mbali, Nku and Paris. Who of these six will make it into the main house to become the next highlight of the show?

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