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BBA 2013: Biggie gives stern warning that conspiracy is strictly prohibited

Diary Room: Biggie's stern warningAfter a dramatic weekend that saw Big Brother giving Elikem a Strike and Nando a stunning Disqualification following a violent quarrel, Big Brother is enforcing the rules like never before.

During this afternoon’s Diary Sessions with the remaining Housemates, Biggie minced no words regarding the behaviour of some of the Chasemates in as far as influencing Nominations in the House and warned there would be serious consequences. “This is a stern warning and reminder that conspiracy is strictly prohibited,” Big Brother said.

The conspiracy conversation has come up a lot in the past couple of days, with the most recent complaint being made by Angelo during his Nomination Session. “Feza’sunderhanded, conniving and a huge gossip that makes other people uncomfortable,” he said about the Tanzanian’s alleged plotting and conniving.

According to some of the Housemates, Feza’s go to move is sowing division within the unit, resulting in bad vibes and eyebrow raising Nominations. “Feza always latches on to whoever is HoH so she can try and influence them. She has done it with others before me and did it with me as soon as she heard I’m Head of House,” Elikem said.

Which Housemates do you think have been getting ahead by conspiring and forming alliances?

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