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BBA 2013: Biggie toughens the game

 Game changeIt has been difficult to shake off the sombre mood in the House following last night’s Evictions and Disqualificationof Tanzania’s Nando.

The remaining Chasemates seem to have had a serious reality knock and for some of them, it looks like they have just started playing the game. If they ever thought that winning the ultimate USD 300 000 would be a walk in the park, this week is testament to the fact that things only get tougher from here.

Sulu’s Eviction was the hardest pill to swallow for the Chasemates as almost all of them thought he was one of the strongest contenders in the game. This has led to most of them going back to the drawing board and trying to reinvent their strategies.

Well, it’s a pity that Big Brother cut them right on their tracks, giving out a stern warning against any forms of conspiracy or forming of alliances against each other in the House.

The Chasemates have found themselves stuck in a corner and it’s time for each one of them to play their own game. No more gossiping under the covers or plotting against strong contenders. It’s every man for himself.

Which Chasemates do you think will find it hard to abide by Big Brother’s conspiracy Rules and why?

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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