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BBA 2013 Nominations: And the plot thickens

Nominations: And the plot thickens…The end is neigh and the Housemates are definitely feeling the pressure. Each one of them had to Nominate who they want to Evict on Sunday and there was minimal surprise at the results.

First in the Nominations Diary was South Africa’s Angelo who was all too quick with his two Nominees Elikem and Feza saying that Elikem was now very arrogant and self-centered while Feza is a gossip and how she likes getting people into groups so she can influence them.

Oneal was second in the Nominations Diary and he was as brutal with his Nominations and reasoning. He chose Cleo as his first Nominee because she was partly responsible for Nando being disqualified and also the alcohol issue. Oneal sure knows how to hold a grudge. His second choice was Namibian beauty Dillish because she doesn’t like cleaning the House and that doesn’t sit well with Oneal.

Beverly had her session and wasn’t as upright with her Nominees as the first three Housemates. She Settled on Nominating Oneal first then his lovely girlfriend Feza saying that Oneal is on his own and doesn’t mix with the rest of them and Feza is serious competition for the Nigerian model.

Elikem was confident and looking very smart in his blue shirt, black tie and waistcoat as he told Biggie that he chooses to Nominate Oneal and Feza because Oneal is massive competition to him while Feza was still trying to suck up to people especially when she heard he’d be the next HoH. Feza’s game seems to be quite an obvious one to all her Housemates but herself.

Zambian hottie said that Feza was a threat and tight competition for her and was brave enough to say that she doesn’t want Feza being the one walking away with the money. Her second choice was Elikem because as HoH he would be able to save himself.

Nigerian hottie and good guy Melvin agreed that Elikem would have the power to save himself, so he had him as his first Nominee. He also had Oneal as his second Nominee simply because him and Oneal never talk.
The red-haired diva Feza also Nominated Cleo saying that she is the weakest link in the game and could be that link that keeps her away from the money. It was ironic how the two feel the same about each other and don’t even know it. Dillish was Feza’s second Nomination and her reason was because Dillish is also a possible threat and fierce competition. She further said that she and Dillish have the same characteristics and that would not be wise in the House.

Nice man Bimp was ready for his session and showed no remorse or indecision with his Nominations. He chose Melvin because he is serious competition for him and Elikem because he didn’t think that he’s a real person anymore and he is two-faced. He told Biggie that he would explain what he means by this in his Diary session later.

It’s clear that Elikem, Feza and Oneal make back on the chopping board yet again and all the Housemates feel they belong there for different reasons.

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