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BBA 2013: Nando’s babysitter

Nando's babysitter
Bimp has taken on a role he never thought in a million years he would take on.

When Bimp came into the game, he probably didn’t imagine he would play the game and be a bouncer at the same time. For the past two nights the Ethiopian has sacrificed sleep and fun times to be his best friend Nando’s security guard and babysitter.

The Chasemate has been on hand babysitting the outspoken Tanzanian, who is in the throes of a with Ghana’s Elikem .

Nando has battled insomnia for the past couple of days and it has evidently gotten worse since his fight with Elikem broke out on Friday night. Bimp’s bed is next to Nando’s and since the fight went down, the Ethiopian has been keeping an eagle eye on the unpredictable Housemate.

Every night, Nando has tossed and turned and every time he makes a move, Bimp is always there asking him where he is going and has even accompanied him to other parts of the House where he just might start trouble.

Oh dear!

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