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BBA 2013: Power of No: Who will be the greatest?

Power of No: Who will the greatest?It’s Power of No time and the Housemates were more than eager to play against each other to see who will be the next leader of the pack. HoH Bimp read the brief and the game was underway.

The Task: In the garden the Housemates found a board with each Housemate’s face and that was the target. They also found a shooting marker on the ground and a blow gun on the table. On the sound of the buzzer, one at a time, each Housemate shot one dart towards their face. The ninja showed the Housemates how to insert the dart pre-fire. The goal of the Task was to get the dart closest to the red dot in the centre of the target. If there is a tie then it would be a showdown until there is a winner.

From this week onwards the HoH will receive a special reward as a replacement for losing out on the Housemates’ swap and will have the final decision on how to divide up the House for the Airtel Arena Showdown, for the Power of No and the Airtel Arena Tasks to come.

As soon as the Task reading was done, they all flocked to the garden where the ninja was waiting for them. First up was Tanzania’s Nando who was all too confident with his target but alas he missed. Melvin went next and was lucky enough to get his dart into the red circle but still it wasn’t close enough. Emerald Housemate Alusa also got his dart in the picture but the shocker was when Little Miss Diva Busi got her dart closer than any of them put together, much to everyone’s surprise. She did a victory dance to show them she’s not just a pretty face and fashionista in the House. The rest of the Housemates did their best but fell way behind. Now they wait for Biggie’s verdict.

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