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Ekenobi Basil Basil Ekenobi is a Nigerian. He is the son of Lates Igwe-Oguazi Igwebundu Ekenobi and Mrs. Angela Nworiegwu Ekenobi. He received his pre- primary education otherwise known as socialisation under his mother. He read Philosophy up to first degree level. Now He is in France for further Studies. His hobbies are innumerable for example; writing of poems, writing novels, dancing, singing, teaching

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He did His primary education at Community Primary School, Ezinifite; Secondary education at Holy-Ghost Juniorate,Ihiala (In Juniorate He wrote his  first poem  titled “Oh Mathematics”).He also did his tertiary studies in Philosophy at School Of Philosophy, Isienu-Nsukka, an affiliate of University of Nigeria, Nsukka(UNN). Now He is in France for my further studies but at the moment learning French language and culture. He loves artistic works, manual works, writing poems, creativity in general and in fact any work that demands for reflection. He derives much joy in seeing people performing their different talents and also ready to learn if it is possible.


First school leaving certificate, West African Examination Council(WAEC), Sports certificates, Writers’ Club Certificate Award and B.a.Phil, Diploma in french language at Charles de Gaul uni. Lille France and Catholic University, Paris France.
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