Dr. Julie D Wee (Author) on Codewit

Dr Julie D WeeDr. Julie D Wee completed her doctoral studies at the University of Melbourne, in 1999.Her interests are in the areas of decentralization, global issues affecting education and quality teaching and learning.

Since 1999 she has worked as a Senior Researcher in the School Effectiveness and Continuous Improvement Unit, Victorian Department of Education (now DE&T) as an Early Years Co-ordinator, Acting Principal, Assistant Principal and trainer of teachers in one of the metropolitan regional offices, in Victoria. Since coming to INTI College, Sarawak,

Dr Wee has worked as a lecturer, Assistant Head of the School of Languages and Liberal Arts (SOLLA) and as Head of Staff and Professional Development. Her last office was Dean before she left for an assignment back to Australia in 2005

Publications include:
Wee, Julie, 2004, Curriculum Auditing: A case study of an audit of a mathematics programme in a primary school, INTI Journal, Vol.1, No.4, 2004.

Wee, Julie D., 2001, Serving Improved Outcomes: Self Management Reforms, Student Learning and Leadership, Discussion Paper

Technology Colleges Trust – Vision 2020—First International On-Line Conference, 4 June—1 July 2001

Wee, Julie D, 1999 Improved Student Learning and Leadership in Self-managed schools, D.Ed. Thesis, The University of Melbourne.

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