Hilary Ikechukwu Ugwu (Author) on Codewit

Hilary UgwuHilary Ikechukwu Ugwu is a Nigerian resident in the US. By academic training, he is a philosopher. In personality trait, he is thinker. He is an avid reader—as a hobby; a prolific writer by talent, and a poet by temperament. He is a Christian. He is also a prospective author of three  African novels. He loves revolutionary ideas. He adores great innovators, inventors and creators in all their ingeniousness. He loves creative arts in its diversification as a mode of the expression of the human spirit. He believes in human reason as a resourceful factor/force to improving human conditions. ‘When we stop thinking, we start dying’.

His forthcoming books all create some sense of revolutionary social movement against socio-economic, political and cultural tyranny, injustice, oppression, enslavement of humans. For when humans do not have freedom, their creative potentialities are not given full expression. Life without freedom is worst than death. He strongly upholds that the convergence of human ideas expressed in formidable social movements directed against ills has the bulldozer potentials to uprooting the ills in question.

Hilary believes in the emergence of a new Africa. A single alteration of mass consciousness is what is needed to change Africa in a twitch—if we have potential, then we are not miserable and poor. No society is static, each is constantly evolving. And as thus, our ideas are only contributing chips. So we should live the project of ‘building the world’ open instead of conclusive. In this way, the next generation would continue where we left. So every informed African should begin to create a mass movement directed towards a continental change and transformation.{linkr:related;keywords:ugwu;limit:25;title:Related Articles}

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