Chike Egbufoama (Author) on Codewit

Chike egbufoamaWhen people say that God is wonderful the next picture that comes to my mind is the life of a young man born in the motherland of   Africa.

Chike fondly called ‘chi’ by siblings as the last child of four children (three boys and one girl). Nicknamed by peers as “Arusi” meaning shrine (i.e. container for holy relics: a case or other container for sacred relics such as the bones of a saint) in   Igbo language. He is a man of possibilities who was born in a good Christian home (Egbufoama Martin and Nneka). Man they say is a product of his environment and to this chike is not an exception because his way of living reflects a person brought up under strong adherence to Christian values. Having been under the care and tutelage of grandparents of blessed memory he was enriched with rich   African cultural and traditional values. He has dream all through his life of being a healer either of the soul or the body.

He has faced a lot of challenges but believes he is a man at the bottom of the ladder so he fears no fall. The main thought pattern that has influenced his success so far is that according Frederick Hegel the German philosopher towards the actualization of the absolute spirit there are agent which accelerate this movement and nothing stops its realization of goals so life for him needs no regimentation, no soft-pedaling but continuous doggedness and persistence. He is one who is a glutton of experience and that answers his huge love for traveling and meeting new people, he has been to Abidjan, Ghana, Cotonou and South African and all the states in Nigeria. He is a motivational speaker with good sense of humor such that people around him call him laughing pills.

He is good in acting especially comedy but has acted some African based dramas bringing out the African cultural heritages of which he has authored one. Amidst all these he is an aggressive salesman who performs magic in sales department in his present place of work. As described by one of his customers “chike can sell a dead thing to you and you buy it happily without seeing any fault in it”. He derives most of his joy in reading and has authored many articles presently online. He enjoys listening to music especially noisy music, but one funny thing about him is that he cannot sing at all but can dance. He is an ardent snooker player and enjoys driving especially long distance. He hates gossip but he is a noise maker because he has a coarse loud voice. He is a delivered seven personality and a spirit-filled sanguine. His pool of excitement hardly runs dry and as it is he is glutton of excitement.  He battles between order and discipline because of his long and veracious search for that which keeps him high. Among all these, what is so hard for him is the control of the traffic of his desires.  His daily dream as a sanguine is that every day is party.  Moreover his sincere and unconscious view of the world is that it is a party hall where all need to be jumping and laughing and clapping. 

He is always happy and very jovial and as some people say an extreme extrovert who takes seconds to get along with new environment and people, in fact his speed of integration and adaptation is something that marvels even him. However, He would rather talk than work, forgets obligations, doesn’t follow through, Priorities out of order, Decides by feelings, easily distracted, Wastes time talking .Presently pursuing a masters program in Law and Diplomacy in the University of Jos, Jos Nigeria having obtained a Bachelors degree in philosophy from Urbanian University Rome with a Second Class Upper and a Diploma in Computer Engineering with computer professional exams which includes A+ certification. In search of a higher academic achievement as a passion he has just got admission into Adelphi university new york to study masters in social works.he is residing in the united states of America uptill the present.

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