Obama and African origin contestants in the forthcoming Finnish municipality election chorused in one voice “it is doable”

The American political scene has in a long period of time now experiencing constant crtitical reviews over the ongoing presidential election. It has not been a childlike play for the U.S president, Barack Obama and Mr. Romney. But even in all these critical moment in their life, Barack Obama never deviated from his standing point […]


Interview! Chairman, Igbo Union Finland Speaks on the Ongoing wave about New Yam Festival/IgboDay

The forthcoming New Yam festival/Igbo Day celebration in Finland is really pullingcrowd both Igbos and non-Igbos. Many cannot wait to experience this day due to the level of advertisement and news going on about it by media. Nevertheless, the wave of Igbos` forthcoming festival prompted the Igbo Union Chairman inFinland to open up to us […]


Finland: Doing Business in Nigeria Seminar -5th Nov, 2010

( SARURDAY 5th of November 2010 marked the first information sharing  session of Finnish companies with the team of Nigerians in Finland. This Initiative group called Business Lab Nigerian Team organized a business conference that attracted the attention of many Nigerian and Nigerian leaders in Scandinavia and Finnish Directors of different companies in Finland. The […]