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My Neighbor, The Terrorist

Last week, President Goodluck Jonathan finally made his most direct response thus far to Boko Haram’s plague of violence. The president’s declaration of a state of emergency in designated local government areas in four states – Borno, Yobe, Plateau, and Niger – has earned a spectrum of reactions running from guarded praise to derision.   […]



From all indications, with the capture of Bab al-Aziziya, Muammar Gaddafi’s compound and his stronghold of power, the six-month old war in Libya has come to an end. The rebel fighters wildly celebrated this fit with endless gunshots fired into the air. They went into the buildings in the compound searching for Gaddafi and his […]


APGA, Which way?

In the early eighties, Sunny Okosun, the Ozziddi King, asked this all important question, “WHICH WAY NIGERIA?” in one of his popular tracks. Since then, no answer has been provided. Rather what we have been witnessing is a confirmation that the country has lost track and this is seen in its systematic decapitation by a […]


South-East ASUU versus South-East Governor’s Forum

South-East ASUU versus South-East Governor’s Forum (Hausa abata Awka) – The hostilities that metamorphosed into the Nigeria-Biafran War of 1967 could have been controlled if not completely avoided. Apart from other causes, the ego clash between General Yakubu Gowon, the then Head-of-State of Nigeria and Colonel Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, then Governor of the Eastern Region, […]


Nigeria: Arise, O king!

In those days when men were men and could go to war even with bare hands; that was when the real men tore the jaws of lions with mere fists. It was then that men’s gallantry was shown in wrestling matches organized across towns and villages. That was when Okonkwo defeated Amalinze, the Cat, in a unique wrestling match. Then, […]


Run, Goodluck Jonathan Run for the president

Musicians sing it. Newspapers carry it. The radios and televisions carry it too. It is a very powerful but short sentence: Run, Goodluck run! The ordinary meaning of the word ‘run’ is taking to one’s heels, probably to avoid danger. So, at the first sight, the sentence may mean imploring Goodluck to run away from […]


Celebrating Nigeria @ 50

All peoples of the world from time to time celebrate one feast or the other in commemoration of some important and significant events in their lives or in honour of some deities. For example, till today, the Jews celebrate the mystery of the crossing of the Red Sea in the Old Testament when God miraculously […]