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Afro Colloquy – Reawakening the Spirit of a People

Telling the truth about African cultural heritage and its gallant history would have been counterproductive for the created European/African relationship since the past 500 years. This was the center of argument at the council hall of Padova, this morning. The first annual event organized by a group which calls itself cittadini uniti per l’integrazione (united […]

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“UNEP believes that oil contamination in Ogoniland has created an environmental crisis of unprecedented proportions,” Joseph Alcamo the chief scientist of UN Environment Programme, told journalists in London at the weekend. This followed a recent revelation but the United Nations on the decades of environmental mutilation of the Niger delta by the multinational oil companies, […]

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“The continent of Africa was the cradle of human life. Each stage in the development of humankind can be traced in the African record. The ancient civilization of Egypt flourished there. In the classical world of Greece and Rome, Africa was regarded as a source of wisdom. Many great yet viable kingdoms and states once […]

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China in Africa, the Fear among Europeans (Part 1)

This article is a product of the press conference, tagged: “Africa between Europe and China: which international cooperation today? New sceneries, actors and approaches” held last Saturday, 12 February, 2011 at the University of Padova, north of Italy. Although as the Prime Minister of Italy he was embattled out of the government in 2008, Romano […]

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Stop Destroying Africa with Your Own Hands

“…those that order the destruction of African religion and culture are true advocates of mental closure, fanatics and agents of terrorism…,” reported of Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, yesterday, 17 December, 2010. Reason: “an army of Nigerian believers, the United Congress of Mbaise Christians is on its mission to raze some 1,000 shrines in […]