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Helsinki African Film Festival: Africa seen through the eyes of African film makers.

HAFF,The Helsinki African Film Festival was set up few years ago to provide in-depth knowledge of the African people, their culture, and world-view through films made and directed by Africans, or other people with positive interest about Africa.

Helsinki African Film Festival brings entertaining and thought provoking selection of African films to Finland. According to HAFF's statement on their website, […]


Ohaneze Ndigbo: The day Ebonyi state hosted the entire Igbo Nation

Abakaliki went agog from the 26thof September, 2011 through 29th, for they were the days Ohaneze Ndigbo together with the Diaspora Igbo Umbrella organization, The Igbo World Assembly (IWA), celebrated their flagship events the Igbo Re­membrance Day, and IWA Convention. The activities were flagged off with the IWA Convention on the 26th September, 2011and a […]

Poems and Poetry


 In search for spacein this placecalled earthI found myselfin space In the race for spacethey sayyou must surfaceto be safe I have surfacedfor I am in spacesearching for a placein this hell called earth What a waste   {linkr:related;keywords:poem;limit:5;title:Related Articles}

Poems and Poetry

Sun-Splashed Africa

 From the eastern horizonIt travels all seasonPiping through the skylineLike a piece of golden dime As the day gets olderIt grows bolderSplashing it’s wayAcross the ragged landscape Activating all flora and faunaRadiating it’s heatSometimes caressingOther times scorching I can hear the tom-tom drumThe piercing shrill of the oja fluteThe droning hum of the ikoroThe melodious […]

Poems and Poetry

A pow’s verse

Absolute lonelinessLost in this dungeonNowhere to goNo friendsNo companionBut the walls of my cellWhich re-echo back my thoughts For breakfaststrokes of bulalaFor lunch de-humanizationFor super frustrationIndefinite fastingFor how longFor how long echoed the walls The walls, my only companion Dreamt last night of homeWalked familiar pathsThen, enter, dream killerHostile bang on my cell doorIt is […]