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Why Nigeria Needs No Elections In 2011

Nigerians must insist of credible elections. It is the first prerequisite for the turning point that we sought. We know that corruptions, stupidity, senselessness and outright madness dominate Nigerian politics but credible elections remains the most single important avenue to start re-addressing our national woes. Next in line is the scrapping of the EFCC and […]


The Rise and Rise of Evil

In August 2009 I argued that Mr. Yar’ Adua should be sent packing 10 reasons why Yar’ Adua should resign).…! I continue to maintain that position irrespective of Mr. Yar’Adua’s status. I have never called him a president and I will under no circumstances have any reason to address him as one. As far as […]


Football Without Tears

Shuaibu boasted like he never did before. Kanu, Uche and Osaze almost roasted the Tunisians with their display of confidence before the match. This is very common in football so these people have the rights to display such psychological warfare especially against the backdrop of the away game in Tunis.