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INDIA: The world’s smallest teacher… at 3ft tall.

Smallest teacher in the world

Azad Singh, 22 is trapped in a child’s body after he stopped growing at age five but his parents couldn’t afford hormone injections. He is thought to be the world’s smallest teacher… at 3ft tall. Azad has a rare hormone disorder — weighs 2st 13lbs and wears clothes for a seven-year-old.

Pupils at his all-girls school in Haryana, India, tower over him and call him “Chotu”, meaning Little Sir. AzadNearns 10,000 rupees a month (£120) teaching computer skills, said: “I don’t mind. I’ve achieved what I’ve always wanted. “People treat me differently now I have a job — with some respect.” At 18, he was humiliated when train officials mistook him for a baby.  He said: “Bullies have made me strive hard to achieve my goals.”

Azad's sister Suman, 15, gives him a lift to school on her scooter, said: “He has made me very proud.” Mum Parvati, 52, said: “He has finally found happiness.”

Source: rhodiesworld

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