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TB Joshua should reveal the location of the missing Malaysian airlines jet (VIDEO)

tb joshuaAs we write, there is a passenger jet with 240 passengers which has mysteriously disappeared, presumed crashed. Few will be surprised to hear the TB Joshua claims to have predicted the incident. In the past he has claimed that God shows him these disasters “as clear as watching Emmanuel TV“, so presumably TB Joshua knows both what has happened to this plane, and where it is.
People all round the world are following this mysterious news story, what better opportunity to show the world that he doesn’t just patch together vague prophetic utterances after a disaster happens, but that his supposed prophetic ability is a gift to the world.
So TB Joshua – don’t just release this vague video like all your others. Show the world exactly what God told you and bring closure to the families who have no idea what has happened to their loved ones.
While waiting for this to happen, you might want to check out the unedited version of the prophecy (courtesy of revel2123 on youtube).
The prophecy in question starts at around 2:30, watch the video and note two key details that have been edited out:
The crash will happen just a few metres from the airport where it took off (3:11, repeats at 4:01)
The cause of the crash will be obvious, it won’t be something where they don’t know what caused it (4:18)
Looks like we’re just seeing another pathetic, attention seeking exploitation of a disaster. But if we’re wrong, this is the perfect opportunity to prove it.
Your move, TB Joshua.

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