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Ban Ki Moon, Zuma Wins Global Peace Award

 United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki MoonUnited Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma are the winners of the Global Peace Initiative Prize 2013 of the Akasoba Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ACPCR).
The prize is a coveted award for individuals and world leaders who have impacted positively on global peace efforts and disarmament.
According to statement from the Federal Ministry of Information, the Chairperson of ACPCR, and Akasoba of Kalabari, Her Majesty, Queen Akasoba Duke-Abiola who presented the award, recipients were known for their universalism and an unending passion for peace.
“The world would be a much better place if more people emulated the strength in the quiet and amiable demeanor of the UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki Moon,” she said.
South African President, Zuma emerged winner after beating US President Barack Obama to clinch the coveted prize.
Akasoba said Zuma was an icon of democratic values and an unrepentant Apostle of Peace.
“Other World Leaders should emulate this Man of Peace and amiable gentleman who has been bestowed with the rare gift of reining in contending forces into a harmonious march towards the peaceful- coexistence and hence industrialisation of South Africa,” she stated.
The Queen Akasoba Global Peace Award has played significant role in promoting Nigeria’s image abroad, which contributed immensely to the recent election of Nigeria into the United Nations Security Council as a non-permanent Member.

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