African Cup

Amiesimaka congratulates Eagles

Super eaglesFormer Nigeria international, Adokiye Amiesimaka has congratulated the Super Eagles of Nigeria for their superlative victory over their Malian counterparts in the semi final of the Africa Cup of Nations in Durban, South Africa Wednesday.

An elated Amiesimaka exclaimed, “Congrats, Nigeria!,” adding “Keshi just  re-affirmed that our strength is in attack anchored on flank play.”

He said the playes soothed frayed nerves of most Nigerians who watched the match. “Not surprising this was our most relaxing match as you could just see the goals coming,and it rained goals for Nigeria!”

He poured encomiums on head coach, Stephen Keshi. “I’m so proud of Keshi. But, our attitude when in the lead was not sufficiently professional, as usual. Team must always remain purposeful and never play to the gallery.”

The former winger had a word of caution for the handlers, “Marking discipline in defence is a pending challenge: in our 18-yard box, especially around our 6-yard box,” advising that “you must get to the ball before your opponents, otherwise your goalkeeper may not have sufficient reaction-time to deal with a goal bound kick or header.”

We were fortunate in that regard against Mali, especially from set-piece situations.”

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