Nigeria: Jonathan is a serial liar

– Professor Tam David-West, former Petroleum Minister, in an interview with TheNEWS, has labelled President Jonathan A Serial Liar.

"Jonathan has lied several times. He is a serial liar. If Jonathan can lie about the constitution of his party, why do we have to entrust him with the constitution of Nigeria. I score Jonathan C- for his performance. He should stop thinking of another term. If an undergraduate scores C; he can’t go to postgraduate school. That is an academic metaphor. Jonathan has not done anything toqualify him for second term."

"Patience, the President’s wife, hates Amaechi.Thanks to your magazine for its recent cover story, ‘Her Imperial Majesty’. It was a fantastic research. I am not talking about the first lady, I hate the word Your Excellency. Which Excellency? Have you ever heard Barack Obama’s wife being addressed as Her Excellency? Or David Cameron’s? We forget that the place of first lady is completely unconstitutional and irrelevant. "

"…. Jonathan caused it because he can’t say noto whatever his wife says. He is a very weak husband and he is a very weak president. Whatever she says must happen."

"How can she face the public now with such revelations of her unconstitutionality? Whenever she goes out with her husband, she stays in front and the husband stays behind her. Nigeria should not take this and the earlier we rose to say this nonsense must stop, the better."

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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